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Gold and Silver Name Necklaces in foreign languages are our specialty - Arabic Name Necklaces, Hebrew Name Necklaces and many more!

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for all name jewelry!

Use our NAME NECKLACE PREVIEWER to see how your name or word looks in most of our name necklace and name bracelet styles!

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  1. shipping
  2. Shipping of non name jewelry
  3. Shipping of personalized jewelry:
    1. US orders
    2. Non US orders
    3. Express shipping option for US and non US orders
    4. Important name jewelry Delivery information
  4. Free Shipping
  5. Sales Tax
  6. Return policy for non jewelry
  7. Return policy for personalized jewelry
  8. return shipping address
  9. Personalized Jewelry spelling
  10. Chain Lengths
  11. Maximum # of Characters and Upper Case Letters
  12. Appropriate Language Policy for Personalized Jewelry
  13. Monogram Jewelry
  14. What is considered a flaw in name jewelry?
  15. Missing goods
  16. Variations
  17. Care suggestions
  18. Custom requests
  19. Messages/special requests with order
  20. coupons
  21. Name Jewelry ready for gifting

Retailers: Please go to wholesale for wholesale terms and access.


A flat $.095 handling fee per shipment is added to the purchase total.

Shipping of non name jewelry:

We generally ship within 1-2 business days using your chosen shipping option. The means of free standard shipping is at our discretion.

Shipping of personalized jewelry:

The expected delivery times start from when we receive all the necessary personalization details. Hence, if we need to contact you to clarify anything about your order, preventing us from processing the order, the delivery time will start from when you get back to us and the matter is clarified.

Orders must be received by 8am Israel time to be considered received that day. Note that Eastern standard time is 7 hours behind and Pacific standard time is 10 hours behind.

We and our jeweler are closed from Friday afternoon through Saturday so orders received after 8am Friday through Saturday, Israel time, will be considered as received on Sunday.

US orders:

Name jewelry is handmade in Israel and expressed on average 2x weekly to our Milwaukee location where it is promptly shipped with 1st Class insured mail with delivery confirmation. You will receive an order status update e-mail confirming that your name jewelry is being shipped and from that point you should expect delivery in 2-5 days so name jewelry should be received within 14-21 days of purchase.

If your order has not been delivered within 24 weeks of purchase (not including holidays) please let us know so we can check with the USPS. According to the USPS a package is considered lost after 21 days from the shipping date.

Non US orders:

Name jewelry is handmade and shipped from Israel by registered mail. Please allow up to 24 days for delivery from date of purchase. The postal service does not provide reliable online tracking information for registered mail. However, if your name jewelry hasn’t arrived within 28 days from date of purchase, please let us know and we will check into it and also provide you with the package number for you to check with your postal service. If the whereabouts of the package remain unknown after 5 week of date of purchase the package will be considered lost.

Express shipping option for US and non US orders:

Express shipping direct from Israel is available on each individual name jewelry page and is delivered by your country’s postal service. You will receive an order status update e-mail once shipped and the tracking number will be included. You can track your package via your country's postal service website. Express to the US is an additional $21.95 and takes 5-12 days and elsewhere is $24.95 and takes 6-14 days from date of purchase. Express orders are generally given priority.

As you will receive the tracking number, bear in mind that we will have no further information into your order than what information you will have access to. Hence, there is no need to contact us. Of course, if the delivery is late by a few days, we are prepared to check into it.

Important name jewelry Delivery information:

  • Please note that a signature is required for both registered and express mail. If you request delivery to a PO Box, make sure you can receive such mail. We will try to contact you if you provide a PO Box to confirm you can receive it but responsibility is yours, if it is undeliverable.
  • Non US orders sent with standard shipping are shipped by registered mail, you must check with your postal service as to whether they attempt 1 or 2 deliveries. You should receive a notice if an attempted delivery is made and have the option to collect it from your post office or to schedule a redelivery. The post office will hold the package for a limited time (check with your postal service) after which time it will be returned and, as it is handled manually, can take at least a few weeks until we receive it.
  • The postal service does not provide reliable online tracking information for registered mail. However, if your name jewelry hasn’t arrived within 3 weeks (non US) from date of purchase, please let us know and we will check into it and also provide you with the package number for you to check with your postal service.
  • US and non US customers purchasing express shipping will receive tracking information which they can follow on their local postal service website. Two attempts are typically made to deliver express mail. The 2nd attempt is generally made the following business day. If no one is available to accept delivery then a notice is left each time and you have a limited number of days from the first attempt to schedule a redelivery or collect it from your post office.
  • If a package is returned to us due to no fault of our own (either the fault of the customer or the postal service) we will reship it back to you at your expense when we receive it. We will not refund an order that is returned due to non receipt if delivery was attempted or an incorrect address was provided.
  • Holidays or customs in Israel or your country can affect the expected delivery date. Please see the top of our website for holiday order deadlines and delivery delay updates due to holidays or vacations.
  • Customers may not be informed of potential minor delays due to 1-2 day holidays or vacations in the US or Israel. In addition, customers will not be informed of delays of orders due to customs, which are either part of shipments direct to our customers or via our Milwaukee office as we have no way of knowing how long a delivery may be held by customs. We also do not bear responsibility for such delays hence shipping fees will not be refunded and orders cannot be returned due to late delivery. Please note that we will try and update customers at the top of the website if a shipment of standard delivery orders to our Milwaukee office is held up in US customs if we expect not to be able to deliver by Christmas.
  • We bear no responsibility for postal delays, as long as we ship with, what we consider, sufficient time for on time delivery. This includes postal error, natural causes such as bad weather or delays in your country’s customs. For standard delivery during holidays we will follow the USPS deadlines. Hence, if the USPS states that First Class mail must be postmarked by 12/21 and we meet that deadline and the package doesn’t arrive by Christmas then we are not responsible.
  • The information provided at the top of the website overrides any other stated or spoken information hence, if you choose the 14-21 day delivery option during a holiday season and we stated that delivery is expected by the holiday (i.e.,12/24), which is more than 21 days from your date of purchase, then delivery is considered as on time. It is the customers responsibility to take note of the information at the top of the website.
  • During holiday seasons (i.e., Christmas season is considered as starting from after Thanksgiving), when we provide a deadline for both standard and express, we will first fill the standard orders to get those out on time for holiday delivery followed by express orders. Again, this means that delivery will be expected for the holiday (i.e., 12/24) and not within the normal delivery times. Orders received after the deadlines will be processed in the order received only after all orders received within the deadline are processed. Hence, delivery times for such orders will be within the approximate stated standard delivery times from when we are able to process your order. We estimate orders received after holiday deadlines to take approximately 7-14 days longer than the standard delivery times, if counting from the date of purchase. Orders received immediately (based on US Pacific time) after a holiday deadline will be considered received after the deadline so do not assume such orders will be delivered by the holiday.

Free Shipping:

The free shipping over $50 offer is for anything other than personalized jewelry. The name jewelry from Jerusalem includes a nominal shipping charge. Even though the necklaces are shipped separately they are still calculated towards part of the free shipping offer. Hence, if we ship you less than $50 worth of merchandise from Milwaukee and a necklace from Jerusalem your domestic shipping will still be free of charge!

Sales Tax:

Sales shipped within Wisconsin will be charged sales tax.

Return policy for non jewelry:

If you choose to return an item which is not flawed or damaged then return authorization must be received within 7 days of receipt of goods and goods must be sent back with insured, trackable mail within 14 days of receipt. Returned goods must be in their original, individual packaging, where applicable and in saleable condition. Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Shipping will not be reimbursed.

Damaged or defective goods must be brought to our attention within 7 days of receipt. Damage can occur in transit. Damaged goods must be promptly reported to the shipper as well. Save all packing material. If there is visible damage to a box please notify the driver and make sure it is noted before signing. Once the damage has been properly reported and the item returned with insured, trackable mail we will send a replacement or issue a refund, as requested. If we request the return of damaged goods, this should be done once shipper has completed their inspection.

Return policy for personalized jewelry:

  • Name jewelry orders cannot be cancelled once the piece has already been made. This can be as soon as within the same day of purchase.
  • If the name is spelled correctly and we feel that there is no flaw that warrants a return or replacement or the flaw can be satisfactorily corrected then we will correct it, if need be and send it back to you.
  • Name jewelry with spelling mistakes must be exchanged within 90 days.
  • Personalized jewelry received with any other flaws cannot be returned for correction/exchange after 90 days of receipt except at our discretion. If you contact us regarding a mistake or flaw then the 90 days begins from when we first reply to you. If you fail to follow up that is your responsibility.
  • If a chain or pendant breaks or bends due to being pulled by someone/something or is worn to sleep or when inappropriate then we bear no responsibility for the damage.
  • We do not accept returns for exchange or refund for broken silver pendants which are more than 7 letters if not ordered in double thickness. Hence we require silver pendants with words/names of more than 7 characters (and gold pendants with more than 8 characters) are ordered in double thickness and in fact suggest it for all pendants.
  • Name rings which are correctly sized and you realize your error we suggest that you have it resized by a local jeweler or you can send it back for resizing, for which we will charge a fee.
  • If a name ring is returned with the claim that the ring was not sized correctly and we confirm that in fact it was we have the right to charge for resizing and reshipping.
  • We reserve the right to correct any jewelry and when this is not possible a replacement will be provided.
  • We reserve the right to demand a quality digital image and/or return of any name jewelry that is claimed to be misspelled, broken or flawed beyond repair before providing a replacement.
  • All returns should be shipped with insured and/or trackable mail or at least with delivery confirmation as, if we do not receive it and proof cannot be provided that it was received, we will not provide a replacement or issue a refund!

All returns must be shipped to:

  • Wow! Imports
  • 3265 N. 52nd st.
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • 53216
  • USA

Personalized Jewelry spelling:

If any grammatical mistake is made on your part or if you choose us to provide the spelling and it turns out not to be what you wanted we do not accept responsibility, assuming, we either found the spelling online or via someone fluent in the language whether paid or not.

The first letter of any name will always be in UPPER CASE, if the font has an upper case option, unless the customer specifically requests otherwise. This is true even if the customer provides the spelling with the first letter in lower case. Some customers don’t bother to submit their names correctly and write them in all lower case or upper case, even though they want (just) the first letter to be capitalized. We are not mind readers and hence will always make the name grammatically correct unless the customer includes a note with the order or immediately follows up with a request to do otherwise.

Words, that are not names, will be made with the first letter as submitted to us.

For non English names, we suggest that you provide the foreign spelling. However, if you hire us or rely on us to handle the spelling then you are accepting the choice of spelling provided to us by our translator, by an online source or by us. If you feel the spelling is incorrect when we use a translator then we will consult with him and if he agrees the jewelry will be remade. If we use an online source then as long as we made it according to that source it will not be remade. If we provide the spelling ourselves and you provide solid proof that the spelling is incorrect then the jewelry will be remade. Please note that when transliterating names to another language there may be more than one acceptable spelling and if we feel our spelling is an acceptable one then the jewelry will not be remade. We may require a picture or return of the jewelry before (considering) a remake.

Chain Lengths:

All chain lengths (14, 16, 18 and 20”) refer to the actual chain lengths only. This excludes the nameplates. This is important to bear in mind for necklaces in which the chains attach at the corners, as the pendant will add to the length. Unless stated otherwise, standard nameplate lengths range from approximately 1 – 1-1/2”, depending on the style and length of name.

Maximum # of Characters and Upper Case Letters

Single silver name pendants may have a maximum of 7 letters in .7mm thickness and 10 characters in 1.2mm thickness. Contact us about longer names/words. Single gold name pendants include up to 8 characters in .4mm thickness and up to 2 additional letters can be purchased but then the name pendant must be .8mm thick. Each additional double thickness gold letter is $20 each.

For silver name pendants you may choose up to 2 capital letters and 1 capital per gold name pendant. A 2nd capital letter can be purchased for the gold name pendants at $10 for .4mm thickness, $15 for .5 or .6mm thickness and $20 for .8mm thicknesses.

You can double the number of allowed characters and capital letters on our 2 name necklaces.

Obviously, the above limitations on upper case letters doesn’t apply to those few designs that only come in all upper case letters.

The number of allowed characters varies depending on the necklace design, specific information is provided on individual name necklace pages.

Appropriate Language Policy for Personalized Jewelry

No inappropriate words please! We retain the right to cancel any order in which we feel the word is inappropriate language. Our general rule is that any word not allowed on public radio or TV will be refused. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse to make jewelry that uses the name of G-d.

Monogram Jewelry

The size of each letter (the approximate total size of the pendant is listed), the layout/placement of the letters, the design of the added curls in the lace styles and whether and how much letters overlap is at our discretion and depend on the letters and combinations thereof and any variation of the above from the samples shown are not considered faults.

The S in some of our monogram styles has similarities to a P or L. This is the font style (actually in many script fonts) and is out of our control. It is the customers responsibility to preview their chosen monogram before ordering. There is a link to the previewer in every monogram page and on the top of the website. We will not consider a remake or refund due to this reason.

What is considered a flaw in name jewelry?

A flaw is considered a clear fault such as obvious scratching or rough edges, misshapen letters, a broken pendant or chain.

The approximate dimensions are mostly stated. As long as the necklace is made close to the standard, and usually stated, size then a claim that the pendant is too big or small will not be considered.

Each name necklace is handmade, without machinery and while our jewelers are the best and most experienced and their work is cherished worldwide slight variation in the lettering and/or style from the samples shown and from the images shown in the name previewer (or font chart) must be expected and are not flaws. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are satisfied with all the letters in your chosen name for the font style you choose. We will be the final say in deciding whether a letter or overall quality is considered within the acceptable range of "slight variation" or flawed considering that we handle thousands of necklaces and know best. If we can improve the piece of jewelry with our limited means in our Milwaukee office (for US orders) we will gladly do so. If however, the item would need to be corrected by our Israel jeweler (in which case we’d most likely have remade) or to be remade then as long as we feel there is some justification for a claim we will do so, even if we are not convinced the issue is worthy of a remake. The name previewer and alphabet charts are only to give you an approximate idea of the way the letters in your chosen word will look.

The extension off the last letter of our Carrie style necklace may vary in style. If the style is not to your liking it will not be considered a flaw nor will we accept returns for someone claiming that it looks like another letter such as an i or l.

Our jeweler scores various lines on the surface of the pendants to demarcate the point where 2 letters meet so the letters are more easily identifiable. He also may "dot" the " i" with an indentation in the center. These markings are at his discretion and will not be considered a fault.

There are tiny natural "scratches" on the surface of silver and gold and may be visible if carefully scrutinized from close up or by holding them to the light at the right angle. These will not be considered faults.

If you are not satisfied with the chain weight/thickness or the pendant thickness and received what you ordered then we will not refund or replace it. You have the option to return the chain and purchase an upgrade or purchase a thicker pendant. We provide the chain thickness and/or weight and the thickness of the pendant on each necklace page and you are responsible for your choice. Please note that the thicknesses of the pendants are based on the thickness before polishing. During polishing it is common for the pendant to become a bit thinner.

If the loop at the end of the chain opens and becomes detached from the corner of the pendant then this is not treated as a flaw since it can be easily reattached by yourself or anyone handy. If you want us to reattach it you can send it to our Milwaukee address at your own expense and it will be returned by First Class mail.

If we are unable to reattach the crystal in our Milwaukee office and we forget to attach a crystal then we will refund you $5. If we put on the wrong color or if you order a bracelet with 2 crystals and it arrive with one missing then you can send it back for correction. Final discretion for placement of a crystal is ours. If we feel that your choice of placement is not nice, impractical or not possible then we will choose the placement. If you are not satisfied this is not grounds for return even to remove and/or place a crystal elsewhere.

Missing goods:

Discrepancies between the shipped contents and the enclosed invoice must be reported to Wow! Imports within 7 days of receipt of goods.


As each item is handcrafted, sizes, designs and colors may vary.

Care suggestions:

All beaded wire flatware should be hand washed. Tagua nut carvings must be handled with care. Name necklaces must be treated with care! Obviously, they should not be worn when sleeping nor left in reach of children.

Custom requests:

Feel free to contact us for details. Our crafters and jeweler can likely make anything for you, whether it be one piece or in quantity.

Messages/special requests with order

Please note that in order for us to receive and consider any special requests or messages with an order you MUST either include a message in the provided box in the shopping cart on and/or send us an e-mail immediately prior or after you place your order. We suggest you also follow up to confirm we received it if you haven’t heard back within 24 hours. Any messages included in “instructions to merchant” or the like box with the PayPal payment (on the PayPal website) will not be considered as received, read or recognized. We use PayPal exclusively as a means of receiving payment and not as a forum to receive messages.


We reserve the right to cancel or change any coupon at any time without notice. Just because a coupon is listed online doesn’t mean it will be active nor for the stated discount. You can either contact us or use the coupon at checkout to find out the status and value of the coupon.

Name Jewelry ready for gifting

Each piece of name jewelry is placed in a clear Ziploc bag with a card inside to provide protection and serves as our business card. We then place each piece inside an attractive gift bag for ready gifting. For express and non US orders we also add a piece of cardboard into the gift bag to provide additional protection. This can be thrown out upon receipt.

We do not offer gift boxes. We’d have to charge extra due to the cost of the box and space they’d take up and the extra cost they’d add to the postage. Our many thousands of customers have expressed satisfaction with the gift bags.