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Gold and Silver Name Necklaces in foreign languages are our specialty - Arabic Name Necklaces, Hebrew Name Necklaces and many more!

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for all name jewelry!

Use our NAME NECKLACE PREVIEWER to see how your name or word looks in most of our name necklace and name bracelet styles!

10% OFF beaded Christmas ornaments

Tired of the same old fundraisers?
We have the solution!

Wow! Imports offers a refreshingly new and exciting fundraising program for booster clubs, scout groups, school clubs, civic groups, sports teams, sorority organizations, religious groups and non profits!

If you would like to consider our fundraiser please complete the form at the end of this page to tell us more about your school, program or non profit.

Click to view and print our full color personalized jewelry catalog.

Click to view and our personalized jewelry fundraising seller's guide.

Click to view and print personalized jewelry order forms.

Learn more about our personalized jewelry fundraiser:

Why should we choose to do a personalized jewelry fundraiser?

  1. Sellers and buyers are tired of the same old fundraisers. We’ve got the solution.
  2. Higher revenue potential. Name jewelry is a great and meaningful gift for any occasion and for people of any age. People will not only buy to support your cause (why else would they overpay for a candy bar or buy a product they don’t really need?) but because they actually want it! In fact, they can stock up on gifts for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and holidays!
  3. Affordability. Our name jewelry is very reasonably priced.

What type of fundraising programs do you offer?

We offer 2 programs and you can use one or both at the same time.

  1. Our traditional fundraiser is for your sellers to either call, e-mail or go door--to-door taking orders from family, friends and neighbors.
  2. Our online affiliate program fundraiser simply requires you to complete a very short form on our website and you’ll receive a special link to put on your groups or institution’s website and/or in the body of your e-mails. Ask your volunteers, supporters, students, staff, members and friends to click on this link and to foward it to friends and family. You can also include this information in any print communication such as a newsletter. When anyone clicks on this link it will take them to and if they make a purchase of ANY item from our website you will receive a % of the sale without exerting any energy! We will deal directly with the customer and ship their purchase to them and your commission will be sent to you. Please visit for details.

What are the advantages of the online program?

  1. You will make money with a minimal investment of time and energy.
  2. This program runs long term. Anyone who visits our site via your link and makes a purchase from us will be credited to you for 5 years as long as they have not deleted the “cookies” stored on their computer.
  3. In addition to getting a % of personalized jewelry sales you will also get a % of sales from our other amazing handmade products.
  4. A traditional fundraiser limits you to those people your sellers can reach. The online program enables you to sell around the world!

Can we run a dual fundraiser using your traditional and online program?

Yes, in fact we recommend it. This way you can fundraise from local people and from friends and family who are out of reach. Simply send them an e-mail with the affiliate link telling them about your group/cause and fundraiser and ask them to visit our site and consider making a purchase to support your group/cause.

Alternatively, you do have the option to e-mail a PDF file of our brochure to people who can’t be solicited in person but this may be inconvenient as they will have to mail their order and payment to you and then you’d have to mail their purchase to them. If you can accept credit card payment by phone, this may be a more attractive option for you.

What is our % of sales?

Your % of sales for the traditional fundraiser is:

  • $1-1999 - 25%
  • $2000+ - 30%

Online sales:

  • $1-499 – 10%
  • $500-999 – 12%
  • $1000+ - 15%

We have seen fundraisers that offer higher %. Why do you offer a maximum of 30%?

Our retail prices are very reasonable. We have not inflated our prices at the expense of your customers to enable us to offer you a more attractive %.

The people you sell to receive a beautiful and valuable product at a very fair price.

Additionally, our price point for jewelry ranges from $29 - $245 for our tradional fundraiser so while our % may be slightly lower your profit per piece sold will be many times that of most of the standard, cheaper product fundraisers.

Do you provide samples?

We will lend you some samples in silver so you can see the size and quality. You can let potential buyers know that samples are available to look at your school office or the like. Upon completion of your fundraiser the samples are to be returned together with payment and the order forms.

Do you offer an incentive program?

The 3 top sellers will receive a personalized silver necklace valued at up to $29. If sales reach $3000 we will give a necklace to the top 5 sellers.

Do you provide print material?

We provide professional full color catalogs and order forms. In addition, the brochure is available in a PDF file on our fundraiser page so you can print or e-mail it. Please bear in mind that printing is costly so please request a realistic number of brochures and to send back any unused/reusable brochures with your order.

We provide order forms and request that you make a set of copies for your own records.

Is your traditional fundraiser easy to run?

Yes! We provide full color brochures and order forms and your volunteers take orders, collect payment and submit it to you. The orders are photocopied and you keep one set and send the 2nd set to us with payment, left over materials and samples. You can also e-mail the brochure and take orders by e-mail, fax or phone.

You should find the pricing and order taking straight forward and to be certain orders should be reviewed to make sure the details and payment is correct so as to not cause any delay or errors.

Do you have a minimum?


Is there are charge for shipping the products to us?

There is a flat $25 charge whether we send you 50 or 500 pieces

Is there any cost to participate in your fundraising program?


How long do you recommend the fundraiser lasts for?

It is generally recommended that product fundraisers last for 2 weeks. Profits from our online affiliate fundraiser can continue for a few years!

How long does it take to process our orders once you will have received payment?

Upon receiving payment we will promptly confirm the total, clarify any questions we may have then process the order. We expect orders to be made, marked and packaged in 2-3 weeks depending on the number of orders received. Express shipping will take 3-5 business days.

What if a name is misspelled or a necklace or ring is damaged?

We will correct or exchange personalized jewelry (subject to terms) within approximately 3 weeks after receiving the return and will send it directly to the customer. We do not offer refunds. Please go to to review our terms.

What is the quality of your jewelry?

Our jeweler's father is one of the originators of name jewelry. They started making name jewelry well over 40 years ago and today are among the largest seller of name jewelry worldwide. Their top jeweler works for us, almost exclusively, and he makes an exclusive line of jewelry for us, that will not be found elsewhere!

Each piece is hand cut from sterling silver or 14k gold and professionally polished and reviewed two times before shipping.

We offer the largest selection of name jewelry! In addition to the pieces shown, we have many more on our website and also accept custom orders. We do name jewelry with logos of sports teams, musical instruments, religious symbols, etc.

Our jewelry is not made with cheap foreign labor!

Our chains are all Italian made, not the cheaper Turkish or Asian made ones.

We do not sell silver or gold plated plated nor do we sell the cheaper and less attractive 9 or 10k gold.

We are listed in the top 10 on Google for most related search terms.

Are your retail prices competitive with other sources?

We believe our name jewelry is the best priced on the market, whether online or in retail stores. Feel free to check around to confirm. We offer both sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry to meet anyone’s budget.

Do you recommend sending children door to door?

As we all know times have changed from when we were kids. You’ll have to decide if it is okay for children to go door to door without parental guidance. We would recommend that an adult accompany children, particularly under the age of 15/16 both for their safety and to make sure sales go smoothly. If you do permit your teen to sell door to door on their own we do suggest s/he does so with a friend and informs you of their route and has a cell phone handy to call if they need assistance.

Are you available to answer questions and provide assistance?

Yes! We promptly reply to e-mails and have convenient phone hours Sunday - Friday. Our phone details can be found on the top of our website.

What are the payment terms?

Upon completion of the fundraiser you carefully review and tally up the orders, take off your % and either mail us a check (preferred) or make payment by credit card or via Paypal. We will review the total and if there is a discrepancy to your advantage we will refund you and if we are underpaid, the difference will be requested from you. If a buyer is over/under charged by one of your volunteers it will be your responsibility to correct it.

How do you package orders?

Each piece of name jewelry is individually packaged in its own gift bag. Each customer’s jewelry will be marked with their name and if they bought more than one piece they will be kept together.

Orders can be separated by the sellers name and/or classroom, troop number or the like.

To contact us, please fill out this form (* = required)


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