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Gold and Silver Name Necklaces in foreign languages are our specialty - Arabic Name Necklaces, Hebrew Name Necklaces and many more!

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Personalized Jewelry for Young and ...not so Young

Are you a lover of name jewelry? Maybe you think you are too old for a nameplate necklace, name ring, name bracelet or name earrings or maybe you think it is just a passing fad and hence a waste of money? Let me tell you a little about personalized jewelry and share some suggestions with you.
Name jewelry has been around since at least the 1950’s! I know a 60 year old jeweler who has been making it for many years and he told me that his father made it before him. While not “in style” for quite a few years, name jewelry has always been popular among youth and adults and once Sarah Jessica Parker began wearing her Carrie necklace when playing Carrie Bradshaw on Sex & the City it became the rage!

Since the Carrie necklace has gotten so much fanfare I believe that many people do not realize that personalized jewelry is available in numerous styles.

Perhaps you are not interested in the classic script name necklace like Carrie wore. The truth is almost any font can be turned into a name plate necklace! So whether you like simple, script, graffiti, retro or contemporary it is either available or can be custom made! You can also have a nameplate necklace or ring made with almost any language such as Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Russian, Greek or even hieroglyphics! Even though they are known as name necklaces (or nameplate necklaces) and name rings you can choose any date, word or short phrase. Choose a word of phrase from Scriptures, your favorite saying, song or poem.

In addition, you can get a name plate necklace with a theme such as sport, love, graduation, religious and many more. There are also many mother necklace and ring styles on which each child’s name and/or birthstone is set. Additionally, you can turn your school, team or business logo into a pendant and personalize it with the name of each student, team member or employee. The options are endless!
Now for a few suggestions:

Bear in mind that since personalized jewelry is made to order it may take as much as 3 weeks for delivery. Most sellers offer an express service as well. Check the details with each seller. Order your personalized gifts well in advance.

Some name jewelry is completely handmade while some is partially or mostly made by machine. You must allow for variation in the design and lettering of fully or mostly handmade pieces, as no one piece is exactly alike. The samples shown on websites are only to give you a general idea how your own name pendant will look.

Make sure that a silver name ring or name necklace is .925 sterling silver.

For those purchasing gold name jewelry, 14k is a great option. It is more reasonable that 18k and is very sturdy. Those who prefer the rich, deep color of 18k gold and are willing to pay for it then it is a fine option as well. Bear in mind it will more easily scratch and “bruise”. 10k gold is also another option to consider for a name pendant since gold has become so expensive.

While gold plated is obviously much cheaper than real gold, it will gradually wear off and show the silver or brass underneath. If you will not wear the necklace often or do not care if the plating wears off in a year or two then gold plated name necklaces are an option for you.

There are a few sources offering brass name necklaces. While brass looks very nice when new it quickly tarnishes and becomes dull.

The standard industry thickness for sterling name pendants is .7mm. This is quite sturdy. However, names longer than 7 letters really should be made in at least a 1mm thickness and is recommended for all name necklaces.

The standard thickness for gold nameplate pendants is .4mm. However, a .6mm -.8mm thickness is worthwhile.

The standard 1mm thick, 2-3 gram sterling chain that many sources include with a sterling silver name necklace is very sturdy. The standard chain included with a gold name necklace is generally around 1 gram. These gold chains are quite sturdy yet also fine. Other chain options are often offered for those who prefer a heavier or different style chain. Bear in mind, at the time of writing this article, to upgrade to a sturdier 2 gram gold chain will cost at least $50 more. Take note that the finest chains are made in Italy. Some sources use Asian or Turkish chains, which are generally slightly lower quality. Don’t hesitate to ask where the chains are made.
The Internet is the best source for name jewelry as there are a number of fine online sellers. Find what you like and compare prices. Do not forget to check the pendant thickness, chain style, chain thickness or weight and the delivery time. Personally, I recommend websites that primarily cater to name jewelry rather than online department stores as they are generally more reasonable, have a wider and nicer selection, offer a range of exclusive styles, can customize orders and are knowledgeable about their products.

Whether you are buying personalized jewelry for yourself or as a gift for a child, teen or adult there is something appropriate for everyone’s taste and budget.

Author Bio:

Ron Askotzky is co-founder of a premier online retailer of personalized sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry, including nameplate necklaces, name rings, name bracelets and name earrings, offering the widest selection of tasteful name jewelry in many exclusive designs and languages.